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Simple Reimbursement Solutions Driven by AI

MedaSync is the first proactive all-payer reimbursement software solution to solve your Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care challenges.  Our software uses advanced AI to automate pre-billing clinicial workflows necessary for a successful revenue cycle.

Our goal? To deliver simple, purpose-built software solutions to keep nurses away from fax machines and forms and in front of patients and ensure excellent operators are paid adequately for great care so they can further empower and financially support their amazing teams.

Managed Care Optimization

Missing out on revenue that’s buried in managed care contracts? Is a lack of coordination between pre-admission, case management and billing leading to lost opportunities? MedaSync automates the charge capture process across the board, bridging the gap between these groups and ensuring correct billing for care provided.

  • Automated service capture technology connects care delivery with contract drivers throughout the stay by monitoring nursing and therapy utilization directly in the EHR.
  • Email alerts, notifications and dashboards inform case managers when billable exclusions, carve-outs, condition changes or level updates happen.
  • Pre-admission automations streamline data collection and sharing between admission staff and prior authorization teams before the stay.

PDPM Assessment Accuracy

With MedaSync’s easy-to-use dashboards, real-time clinical analysis and proactive alerts, the days of manually perusing each patient’s chart for assessment data are over.  Let the power of MedaSync’s advance AI guide your MDS process:

  • Automatically identify IPA opportunities with proactive alerts driven by cutting-edge AI that monitors patient changes for you each day.
  • Reduce time on patient reviews with proactive SLP, Nursing and NTA insights to drive early detection and investigation of clinical drivers before the initital assessment.
  • Pre-admission workflows to streamline data collection and sharing between admission staff and MDS prior to admit.
  • Ensure accurate capture for accurate billing the first time and reduce the reliance on reactive, post-MDS audits or scrubbers.

Medicaid CMI Automation

When Medicaid margins are razor thin, as they are, staying ontop of all the big, small or subtle changes impacting your CMI become mission critical to financial stability.  MedaSync’s suite of CMI automation dashboards, alerts and reports give you the proactive tools to correct issues and not miss out on revenue opportunites.

  • Easy-to-use ADL dashboards will trend high-level distributions at both the facility and corporate level – pinpointing end split discrepencies.
  • Patient level service summaries will seamlessly monitor and track each nursing component relevant to your state’s RUGs system and alert your team when things change.

Executive Level Business Intelligence

While MedaSync helps your front-end clinical and operations teams work more efficiently and deliver even better patient care, the benefits don’t stay at the ground level. Enterprise and building leadership teams need to be able to understand past business performance and make decisions for the future. MedaSync provides in-depth analytics that operators need to do just that. Put your historical and real-time data to use to better understand cost and revenue drivers, identify potential issues, and drill down into business data by diagnosis, payer, and other criteria.

MCO Dashboard

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