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Software to Get PDPM Insights Pre-Admission

Change Is Hard Enough — Don’t Let It Impact Your Revenue

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) has transformed the way SNF operators approach pre-admission. Under PDPM, you have to classify each new resident into one of nearly 29,000 potential combinations. As if that weren’t hard enough, you only have eight days to complete the Initial Assessment while starting treatment, and that’s only if you have all of the resident’s information from the referring hospital. You have to manage this for every new resident, too — increasing your workload exponentially.

Handling this process manually is inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive. Even if you already have an ironed-out data collection process, PDPM does not forgive slowness. It’s in the best interests of your residents, team members, and your business to streamline processes as much as possible to ensure reimbursement success under PDPM.


Get 8 Pre-Admission Best Practices for PDPM Success

Get Ahead, Get Insights, and Get Paid

MedaSync has built one of the first PDPM software solutions designed specifically for SNF operators and their teams. Forget the stacks of paperwork and get immediate insights into your residents, their classifications, and next steps right from the hospital referral paperwork.

With our PDPM software, you can optimize the data in each referral document and gain powerful insights to make the MDS accurate and complete. Easily upload and let our simple AI technology automatically create a diagnosis, treatment, procedure, and symptom summary. You also receive a list of medications along with their costs, requirements for specialty treatments, or services and SLP-related conditions.

It’s all done automatically for you in moments — saving your team valuable time, reducing costs for your business, and delivering the maximum reimbursement for every new resident. And it’s all available on a single platform that’s accessible to your entire team.

How Our PDPM Software Helps You


Analyze referring hospital documentation for new patients, saving time and effort from the start


Scans for millions of different medical and diagnosis terminologies applicable to PDPM

assessment rate

Helps MDS teams harness pre-admission data to ensure the most complete Initial Assessment rate

early detections

Gain meaningful insights that assist in the early detection and investigation of PDPM drivers

medical data

Convert unstructured medical data (hospital records) into appropriate ICD-10 codes

data capture

Simplify data capture and sharing between admission teams and MDS before or upon admission

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