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Midsize and Large Multi-Facility SNFs

Your Challenges

As a multi-facility operator, you’re providing vast amounts of care to patients throughout your region or even nationwide. However, with more buildings, team members, and resources come specific challenges. Namely, more people involved in day-to-day operations, more potential for internal communication roadblocks, more processes for people to follow, and more data handoffs that need to go correctly.

For example, your SNF may negotiate directly with insurance companies. Conducted at a high level and as a result, your corporate team may have more familiarity with the contracts that are part of those negotiations. That knowledge needs to be passed to key employees at each of your buildings, but if you have multiple locations, the challenge becomes the time needed to educate those employees and take action on those contracts. From there, those employees have to capture those contractual services, potentially request authorization, and communicate potential charges to billing.

Do they have time to do that on top of their current workload? Keep in mind turnover: what happens to the knowledge of those key employees? It’s just gone, and you have to start over and spend more time training others. To overcome this, midsize and larger chains might implement a centralized case management team responsible for utilization, insurance, and communication — but that’s a significant amount of work, especially when it’s for multiple buildings. The same goes for intake and admissions teams, which might be centralized via a single team responsible for even more communication and data sharing to complete a prior authorization for a managed care case.

The MedaSync Solution

Left in human hands alone, your workload will only increase — as will the risk of critical information slipping between the cracks. You could outsource case management, but that’s just another cost and external relationship to maintain and monitor. Bottom line: maintaining efficiency in this system cannot work without the help of software to automate and streamline as much as possible to drive prior authorizations and recertifications and ensure adequate billing for care provided.

MedaSync reduces the administrative burdens associated with operating as a chain. Our platform provides the efficiencies of centralized, automated case management and intake. All of your contracts, tasks, and data are safely stored and immediately accessible across all of your buildings, all thanks to a single login that your whole organization can use. Without the support of our platform, you’ll either be negotiating or documenting updates, but not both.

Small to Midsize Independent Operators

Your Challenges

As a small to midsize independent operator, you probably feel there isn’t enough time in the day or resources available to get work done. In addition to your heavy workload, different parts of your case management process are being managed by different people and teams — each with its own specific objectives, communication preferences, and more. Workflow efficiency in this scenario can be a challenge when each team is focused on completing administrative requirements such as precertifications and recertifications — all while balancing countless emails, UR meetings, and morning standups.

These are important tasks; however, learning the ins and outs of managed care is a time-consuming process, and you have to know what to look for. As a result, contractual opportunity often falls by the wayside — another task that often no single person or team is truly responsible for. This means revenue opportunities are being missed, and your SNF isn’t going as far as it could. Coupled with a heavy administrative workload, there’s a good chance your SNF doesn’t have the processes in place that it needs to make work more efficient and profitable.

The MedaSync Solution

MedaSync takes these processes off the plates of your clinical, operations, and finance teams almost entirely. Managed care contracts are analyzed so care provided and opportunities for billing are made known to all. This ensures your patients are receiving the care they need and your SNF is capturing the revenue it needs. Just as important, MedaSync automates workflow across all the teams at your SNF — keeping all your data centralized, accessible, and usable.

Take Your Managed Care Revenue Cycle to a New Level

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