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At MedaSync, proactively solving your revenue cycle challenges is what we do best.  We’re in this together, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Check out our informative resources below to get the insights you need for the months and years ahead.

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[Product Release] MedaSync Launches New Medicaid Reimbursement Software Enhanced to Support PDPM

In this era of evolving reimbursement complexity at the state level, MedaSync is proud to introduce the newest update to its all-payer reimbursement software solution now tailored to include the acuity adjusted case-mix index (CMI) systems for each state – PDPM Nursing, PDPM Nursing & NTAs, RUG IV or RUG III.

Download the news release to learn more.

[Market Snapshot]  October Ushers in a New MDS Era Impacting State Medicaid

This October SNF/LTC CMS implements an updated MDS Item Set, ushering in a new MDS era for reimbursement. The change marks the largest, most significant update to MDS 3.0 since its inception in 2010 and also marks a sea change for many state Medicaid programs.  In this market snapshot, we’ll explore a few of those changes and there implications.

Download this Market Snapshot to learn more.

[Case Study] How One SNF Operator Optimized MDS Management and Boosted Its Reimbursement.

TLC Management leveraged MedaSync to achieve better MDS management that supported their bottom line and improved their operations in only two months.

[Video] Communicare streamlines MDS capture with MedaSync

Amid staffing and resource challenges, MedaSync helps Communicare’s MDS team do more with less do more with less.   Simple AI technology pulls, analyzes and aggregates clinical and functional changes important for MDS, allowing the team to focus on what matters.

[Case Study]  MedaSync AI Helps Carespring Healthcare Improve Reimbursement Capture

As with most of the sector, Carespring Healthcare Management has faced ongoing workforce challenges, and their share of insurance and reimbursement complexity. Carespring operates 15 skilled nursing properties between two states, Ohio and Kentucky, and juggles a variety of managed care payers as well as differing Medicaid systems. This complexity makes it increasingly difficult to ensure that communities are properly reimbursed by payers.

[Case Study] How AHF Ohio Maximized Its Clinical Reimbursement and Time Savings with MedaSync

With MedaSync’s AI driven reimbursement software, AHF Ohio was able to make dramatic improvements to their Medicaid CMI, MDS management and overall reimbursement potential while also saving staff time.

[Market Snapshot]  Is AI the Solution to MDS Resource Strains?

In today’s environment, efficient revenue capture is more important today than ever before, especially given the immense financial pressure many SNFs are under. Payment complexity and resource challenges will continue to intensify – and, more than ever, SNFs need the right workflows, tools, technology and support to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Is Artificial Intelligence the right strategic solution?  Download this Market Snapshot to learn more.

2022 Market Report:  The State of Clinical Reimbursement

As a SNF provider, you are constantly forced to take on new and evolving reimbursement challenges. Today that means facing obstacles which include PDPM rate adjustments, Managed Care growth, turnover and resource strains that directly impact reimbursement. With the industry changing so rapidly, understanding the trends within clinical reimbursement is more critical now than ever.

Download this report to get the perspective of nearly 500 industry professionals, who shared their top clinical reimbursement concerns, trends and offered insights into the strategies they plan to pursue moving forward.

[Case Study] MedaSync Helps Skilled Nursing Organization Identify $900,000 Improvement to Medicaid Bottom-line.