Solutions for the Most Dramatic Payment Paradigm Shift

MedaSync software helps SNFs improve revenue integrity, automate administrative workflows, better control costs, and analyze overall performance — all in a single platform that uses sophisticated AI to learn your business.

challenge facing snfs

The Challenge Facing SNFs

Revenue delivery is changing. Today, this means new definitions of payment for service delivery under managed care, PDPM and even Medicaid.


A Solution is Needed

Success in all payment delivery models will require new capabilities for accurate service capture before the claim and assessment, analysis, and internal and external data sharing workflows.

medasync is the answer

MedaSync is the Answer

Our purpose-built case management software has been awesomely engineered to support SNFs for this new and increasingly complex reimbursement era.

What We Do

MedaSync improves revenue integrity by capturing services provided and identifying exclusions, carve-outs, and level changes on a payer-by-payer basis.

Our platform enables SNFs to automate case management workflows for prior authorizations, recertifications, and team collaboration.

MedaSync helps you understand the costs of patient care before and during their stays through automated service monitoring and alerts.

Evaluate your historical and real-time data with in-depth analytics to better analyze costs, identify trends, and support decision-making.