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Clinical information, documentation and data are the backbone of modern healthcare organizations.  Whether this data lives in an EHR or transitions of care documents, 80% is often tied up in unstructured formats, primarily free-text.

MedaSync’s platform was purpose-built to unlock this mass amount of data to create revenue intelligence – a bridge between clinical and financial workflows.  The technology blends modern big data techniques for intelligent data processing with a flexible rules engine to create simple, actionable dashboards to help clinical and financial teams easily ensure revenue integrity.


The key to revenue integrity is access to the right information at the right time to identify clinical data that has a financial impact – a condition change that may initiate a new assessment impacting CMI or an IPA or prompt a request for a higher-level from a managed care payer.  To collect this, MedaSync uses real-time, cutting-edge data capture techniques through direct system integrations, optical character recognition (OCR) or robotic process automation (RPA) to harvest information from many sources like an EHR or fax machine.  The raw data is then processed with advanced natural language processing that learns by combing through large volumes of data and uncovering patterns to identify just the right components.


A decade ago, the revenue cycle was less complex. Private pay patients paid in advance, and Medicare and Medicaid billing and collection protocols were a breeze for most providers. Today, it’s a different world.  Success means intimate knowledge of 20+ Medicare Advantage plans, Managed Medicaid, traditional Medicaid and PDPM and seamless understanding of the interplay between each patient and their affiliated payer.  That’s a lot to keep up with.  Through a flexible rule’s engine, MedaSync tailors the software to accommodate your unique set of insurance guidelines – with only your organization in mind.


Software shouldn’t get in the way and create additional work or false alerts.  Simply put – the power of AI is about using technology and advanced learning algorithms to do the things that it can do better than humans and freeing up people’s time to use their judgment for things computers can’t do well.  MedaSync was thoughtfully designed to complete complex big-data things in the background and provide simple information to our users to make decisions, avoid mistakes and ensure compliance.

Harness Your Clinical Data to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

Bridge the gap between clinical and financial workflows with intelligent AI driven software created just for you.